Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Quick Cipo Sketch

I'm gonna be pretty busy for the next week, so I probably won't have time to do any updates here. But expect some Inktober stuff when I do get back! And if you wanna see what I'm doing in the meantime, head on over to my Instagram to see those daily updates!

I finished writing the Bobolo River Eventure this morning, and this happened. Cipo getting possessed by spirits.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Bleek & Genson

Some more daily characters!

Bleek is a very eloquent sculptor who is wealthy because he won the lottery. He travels around with his group of friends, known as the Pearlies. Bleek is the level-headed one of the group, and knows how to collect his group whenever needed.

Genson was once a brave sailor who rode his submarine on the lake during an intense storm, but now he haunts that lake. On the night of the storm, he went to gather food for his village, but the storm tore his sub to pieces. He survived, but no one went to look for him, so he ended up drowning in the lake, later known as Genson Lake. He now seeks revenge on anyone who is unfortunate enough to fish in his water. He places spells on anyone who enters his haunted submarine. Once someone is on his haunted submarine for over 3 years, they become his eternal slave and "crewmate" for eternity. His sub travels throughout The Worlds, attempting to capture innocent seamen from all over.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Eventure Sketching!

Recently I've been back to writing Eventures!! Meaning progression in my story. I even went back and started writing an earlier "Lost Eventure" where I had absolutely no plans beforehand and just started writing whatever came to mind. It was a fun little Eventure to do just for fun. But after writing, I decided to do some sketches based on those.

Also on a side note: I'm currently in the process of upgrading my desktop computer, meaning my Cintiq will be out of commission until that's done. I've been super busy with life and things, too, so updates will be a little slow the next few days. (Sorry I didn't post an update yesterday, I was super busy and didn't have time to!)

These ones are from the Finally Home Eventure. One that we've had planned for awhile, and finally got the chance to finish (when we finally got home, ourselves).

And then this one's of the "Lost Eventure," the Bobolo River Eventure. It's still mostly a secret right now, and not done yet!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Thea & Margaret

I've been spending a little bit more time on these daily characters!

Thea is a very calm member of the Meteor Age who owns a movie theater in Biggert City. He's really chill and doesn't do a whole lot of advertising for his theater, but his is the only movie theater in all of Biggert City, so it works out pretty well for him. He often skips school because he's tending to his movie theater, but he doesn't care a whole lot about his grades.

Margaret is the kindhearted mother of Celia, who is always very welcoming. She is always treating the guests to her house with tons of treats and home-cooked food. Margaret is always happy and very positive. She spends a lot of time with her grandchildren and loves spoiling them.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Nays on the Twine

So I tried out Twine this week! It was really cool, and a fun, visual, way to write a choose your own adventure story. I ended up doing some research and found a really cool Story Stylesheet that lets you open each passage with an image. So I ended up making these little doodles to go along with each of the five passages written last night. 

There was a lot of other little conditions we made up, too. This was a Nay Event, so the order was randomized from about 24 Nays. And then we did some dice rolling to figure out how many choices they were allowed to make on their turn. And then we did some more random generators to figure out which 3 midis they had a choice between of playing. It was a lot of fun.

I haven't figured out how to upload Twine projects online yet, so I can't showcase what the actual story looks like. But these are the visuals I made specifically for it!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Judy & Mr. Q

Here were some fun characters!

Judy is one of Waga's very energetic nays who loves to play games, especially A Big Big House and DaisyButt Magical RPG. She is always asking Waga if she can play games with him. He often ends up putting Farill in charge of playing games with her though because of how much energy she has. Although she loves playing games, she often confuses the rules between them, but she is very adamant about arguing against Farill on what the correct rules are.

Mr Q is the very confident leader of the CrY family who enjoys cooking. His life-long goal and purpose in life is to start his own Gourmet Arena; a kitchen arena where chefs will come from all around The Worlds to compete for best cook. Mr Q is very observant and formal, always giving precise commands to his family members. He is overall very secretive and not much is known about his true identity.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sketching in the Sketchbook

Some stuff that I've done in my sketchbook recently!

Some sketches at the mall!

Trying to re-design Xing. Playing with face shapes a little.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Izzit & Shopi

Some more daily characters!

Izzit is a friendly creature who used to be the leader of the Little Kids Club... until his twin brother Question helped kick him out of leadership. He is very easily manipulated and has trouble leading, which is how he ended up losing his position as leader. He ends up taking a liking to Lev and begins calling her "Tastey Lev" because he wants to taste her. Izzit also often makes noises and mumbles to himself.

Shopi is a very friendly young boy who loves helping others. He and Hoplo have been best friends ever since they were little, so he will do anything he can to make Hoplo happy. Shopi is always smiling and wants to be surrounded by friends (even if it's just one of them). He likes to travel and will spread happiness wherever he goes.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Nay Portraits

So recently I've been working on a website to show all of my 600+ characters. It's going to take awhile to actually have the information on there, but right now I'm working on getting icons for all of them. And there were a few characters I realized that I actually didn't have finished digital drawings of! So I went ahead and started fixing that (especially for Akuma and Amber, since they're a lot more main).

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Phil & Cool Dude

Some quick characters!

Phil is a serious manager at the Great Spa in Eustar World. Since he is one of the managers, he deals with the finances and makes sure that everyone pays their Carrotsnacks before leaving. Whenever someone does not pay, he makes sure to hunt them down and contact the leaders of Eustar World, in order to make sure he loses no money.

Cool Dude is a very persuasive young man who owns Tekk Party Central, a rival to the Party Place in PS World. He is not trustworthy at all, and is always telling lies to try and sell his Party Central and make it sound better than it is. He is into flashy things and loud music. Cool Dude claims that him and Gallu are friends so that he can gain more business, though Gallu probably doesn't even know who he is. He is very good at tricking others and even tricks Grenna into drinking some alcohol after forcefully bringing him to Tekk Party Central. He gains most of his business through telling lies and making up stories. 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Lonely Boy Game

One night, my brother and I worked on some RPG Maker games together. We both started off with our own versions, and then collaborated and worked on each others' games. It was a lot of fun!

These are some screenshots from the Orange Version, the one that I started and created all of the visuals for.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Doom & Engleton

Some daily characters! I had fun rendering these ones.

Doom is the leader of Mantra, the underground area beneath Isamahii. He runs Mantra very distantly, and doesn't like to get involved in social gathers, like the other members of Outlaw Bar did. Doom prefers to be away from all of the parties and gatherings, which is why he hid their group underground; he also did this to avoid insiders from sneaking in.

Engleton governs Limoo Village and keeps the Limoos in check. He was once a loved leader that all of the Limoos loved, until he sent one to jail for misbehaving. This led the Limoos to start up a riot and want freedom and independence. Engleton is usually a very kind and loving leader who loves his people. When he was forced to do what he thought was best and actually imprison one of his own people, that was when trusts were broken.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Happy birthday, Undertale!

Today marks the 1 Year Anniversary of Undertale's release!

I didn't actually play Undertale until October 2015, but I knew it looked cool when it first came out. Since I first beat it with the neutral ending in October 2015, I also got the pacifist ending on my second run. I still need to get the genocide ending, and I'm sure I will try for it at some point soon. 

But in celebration of this, I drew some Undertale fanart! It started out as a sketch and then I decided to spend more time on it to actually finish it. I was originally going to doodle this and then play Undertale tonight, but it's gotten too late, that replaying the game will have to wait until another day. These characters were a lot of fun to draw though! And I even threw in a little process for how I got there, since I spent a little more time on this one!

The final drawing!

 It all started with this sketch!

 And then some base colors and line art

And then some shading with a dark background 

And then I added in the Undertale part in the back

And finally, I added a base for them to stand on and made the text a bit smaller in the back.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Yanger & King Vodanoj

These were fun daily characters!

Yanger is one of Gallu's assistants who specializes in running activities. She is able to come up with fun things to do on the fly, which is why he puts her in charge of a lot of the parties; especially when they need someone to run icebreakers. Yanger has a strict side, and things aren't always fun and games for her; she does not let anyone take advantage of her, no matter what. Yanger is the one who leads The Nays in playing Truth or Dare at the end of their camping trip in PS World.

King Vodanoj is the egotistical ruler of the underwater depths in C R I M World. He is very full of himself, and refuses to admit when he is wrong. He believes that he is the strongest being in all of The Worlds, and is devastated once he is defeated by Sally Bullrider. King Vodanoj is a frog-like creature who has the ability to turn people into statues, much like himself. He is very heavy and bulky, so his slow movements are his one disadvantage. And, of course, that he cannot leave the underwater depths.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Some Fanart!

So here's some fanart I've drawn recently.

Ray: "Naruto and Oxenfree. They have the same amount of syllables."
Me: "No they don't. Oh wait."
My friend Ray and I were talking and this came into conversation. Alex is gonna be the next hocage. Also I just beat Oxenfree for the first time since the new content came out! I liked this ending a lot better, too.

I haven't drawn Pokemon in awhile! Continuing that Pokemon of the Day activity.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Howie & Amaya

Some daily characters!

Howie is a headless bird who is made fun of and has been placed in the "Geeky Meteor Age" because of his handicap. Rotle, Gozo, and Gond are always offering to help him out, which makes him forever grateful. Howie cannot speak to others, but instead telepathically communicates with others. He doesn't like moving around much, because it is very difficult on his own, but his friends make his life a lot easier.

Amaya is a very shy girl who enjoys attending SN World festivals with friends. She is usually too nervous to ask friends to go, but when she does have the courage to ask, it can sometimes be to a stranger if she is desperate enough. She ends up asking Tenma when he attends the SN World festival, which is convenient for him. Although she doesn't talk about herself a whole lot, she does state her beliefs that she believes strongly in when needed. She does not believe in fortune telling and despises even hearing her fortune told.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Experimenting with Fuse

So I downloaded Adobe Fuse on Steam last week and played around with making some of my characters in it. I really like how custom you can get with character proportions, but I feel like the clothing and hairstyles were a little limited. Below you'll see the 3D model on one side and the 2D drawing that I based them off of.

Zandra was my first test. This ended up looking like an older version of her though.

 Lonny was one that I could really play around with the proportions on, since he is not very humanly proportioned. Although the hat and hair I had trouble making look okay without overlapping.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Noseid & Grimn

These were some daily characters that I spent more time rendering!

Noseid is a very awkward creature who loves drinking suntan lotion. He loves it so much that he even mixes it with other things to make unique suntan lotion flavors. Noseid does not have many friends in Biggert City, but he keeps his few friends that he does have, close. Noseid sells his successful suntan lotion bottles to trusted customers, and has tried to make them tastier, so that non-suntan lotion drinkers can learn about his favorite beverage.

Grimn is the temporary leader of the Revolution against Eustar and the Baby Council. Grimn is very wise and volunteers to lead the Revolution while Manny pursues his dreams to become a World Leader. He fights with a scythe and can often be reckless in battle, which led him to be captured once or twice by the Baby Council. Although, he does push to succeed in executing the Cocoa del Fuego plan.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Recent Sketches

Here are some recent character doodles that I did at night!

I asked my brother to name a Nay, and he chose Megumi. So I did this little doodle of her. Based on the time that she said "It happened." in Sir Dude World.

I doodled the six main Nays in like 30 minutes one night.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Rosie & Tohiko

Some more daily characters!

Rosie is a very understanding bartender, who lets Chozu stay at her bar once his uncle is taken to jail. Her pride and joy are her travelling casino linkship, known as the Shard of the Orient. Though she is very nice and friendly, she will abide by rules no matter what, especially when it comes to her linkship license.

Tohiko is a legendary sharpshooter who never misses his target. He is a wanted criminal in PS World who is always travelling around, to avoid getting caught. Tohiko always keeps his trusty gun with him, just in case he needs it.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Digital Sketching!

I've been trying to do some sketching for myself this week. It helps with decompressing and sometimes it calms me down, too. I need to do this more often!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Sazu & Ume

Some antagonist characters!

Sazu is a very dangerous assassin who is the leader of the Blue Blades. He is very powerful and shows no mercy. When he took The Nays Exam, he killed one of his opponents, which caused for his disqualification. Sazu will do whatever his clients request of him, no matter how many lives must be taken. He deemed the Light Festival Masquerade as the Light Festival Massacre because of how many he killed in the process.

Ume is a sneaky member of Kudamono's team. He has been playing The Game for a very long time, and therefore has night vision because of it. He always ensures that he gets a whip during The Game, because he has trained on how to use it to entrap his enemies. Ume's name means plum, which is why his favorite color is purple.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Oujou Character Development

I was working with some mediums I'm not used to working with! It was a fun way to get out of my comfort zone.

Here's a sprite I made of Oujou! It was so much fun making this! I really enjoyed the challenge of having a limited palette and limited details I could fit in. I'm kind of really liking this new design I made for him, so I think I'm gonna keep it.

And this was the concept piece for the above sprite. It's a little different than my usual style. I was inspired a lot by Alfred Kubin's art, trying to get a very grainy and messy look. The wings were probably my favorite part to do, because they were completely different than the way I would normally draw them. This was a fun challenge!