Monday, August 29, 2016

Summer Sketches

Every so often, I got the chance to sketch in my sketchbook this summer. It wasn't often because of how busy I was, but I did get a few pages in!
Sometimes I only had time to doodle one drawing a day, so these are like 3 days worth.

Sketches that I took a bit more time on.

I drew these while I was waiting for kids to go to bed one night.
A quick 2 minute doodle before bed.

I think these were drawn after I had a rough day. 

Referencing my new hat.

I heard a kid scream "I love showering!" down the hallway, and it inspired me to sketch this. 

Sarah doodles.

 Tried drawing some different poses here.

Some of the first doodles of the summer. 

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