Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Remember Daily Characters?

I'm getting back into the habit of drawing daily characters again! I counted out how many I currently think I have left, and I have enough to keep me busy until the end of March next year. After that I may even go in and start drawing super minor characters without names, or check for ones who said like one line. We'll see!

Floaz is a powerful magic user who invented T-Brink, the cleaning method used in Frank Lady World. He is the brother of Buisze, another magical man who lives in Frank Lady World. Floaz teaches Mushy how to make his magic more powerful, and is known for honing abilities. He is very focused and likes to be alone. Floaz is very introverted and enjoys living in isolated areas, where he can focus on improving his abilities more than interacting with others.

Zero is a very outgoing young bird who wants to be a Bird-in-Training, like his older brother Pidgebeetle. He is very close friends with Hawkster, and the two are always seen hanging out together. Zero loves to talk, and will even narrate over things when he gets bored.

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