Sunday, August 28, 2016

I'm Baaaaaaaacck!!

It has been a long and exciting summer, and there is lots and lots of stuff that happened. But to sum it up shortly, it was probably one of the best summers I've ever had. Regardless of the fact that I had 3 days off of work total the entire summer. Overall I met some really amazing people and learned a lot and just overall really enjoyed my job this summer. Since I was a lead instructor this year at iD Tech UCLA, it was very busy and it required a lot more work and dedication than being a returning instructor at a smaller and more contained location. But that was part of what made it all so much more enjoyable.

But now let me share with you some of the life drawings that I did this summer. This might help sum up some of the cool stuff that I did, since I drew sometimes when I went places!

Cleveland Airport - Where my journey began

Santa Monica Trip for CCAD Alumni meetup
Most of these happened on the bus ride there

 First movie night in the dorms

Doodling kids in the labs

The first of many Ultimate Gaming Weekends 

Another movie night!

My first time at Koala T!

Another movie night!

Kids playing Smash Bros!

 Some more Koala T doodles!

And these are more doodles of the kids during Smash Bros nights!

And this was the end of my time in California, at the LAX Airport. 

And when I got back to Ohio, I went to Steak n Shake and did these doodles.
Since I'm back at my home studio, this also means I'll actually be posting here again. And it also means more digital art will be on its way. I'm sad to be away from my new friends, summer job, and everything else that happened this summer, but I also needed a break from the long hours and physical activity. I'm happy to be back with my cintiq, and I'm already pretty motivated to start working on projects again!

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