Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Digital Camp Doodles

Towards the beginning of the summer, I tried doing more digital doodles, and then once the summer went on, I really only had time to do a few during the Ultimate Gaming Weekends while I was supervising the kids.

I drew Zandra while I was showing one of my co-workers how the Intuos Tablets worked.

A sketch of Gair that I did in the labs one day.

I drew this on Ann's birthday back in June. 

 This was one of the first drawings I did of myself, since my camp name is Eevee.
 Super quick Pubby doodle that I scribbled in like 5 minutes.

This was drawn for Ralphie's birthday back in June.

10 minute Firebreath doodle before going to bed.
 These were doodles I did during the Ultimate Gaming Weekends.

A quick lineless test of Amelia.

Sketch of Zandra earlier on in the summer.

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