Friday, September 2, 2016

Agent Dave & Baku Baku

Back with these daily characters!

Baku Baku is a young creature who strives to be cool. He joins a gang because he thinks it is the "cool" thing to do. Though he gets into a lot of trouble, he will always proudly say "I'm in a gang!" Baku Baku is very social and is always seen talking to strangers. He tends to try and live himself up to be cooler than he actually is.

Agent Dave is a meatball enthusiast who is a member of a vicious gang known as the Atomic Angels. He runs a meatball shop to disguise the base, which works out for him because he loves meatballs so much. The initiation for his gang is taking old meatballs and stomping on them in the back room of his shop. He has a very interesting way with words and is able to persuade others very easily. He puts on a very relaxed front, when in reality, he has committed many crimes and is a wanted man in Mr Dude World.

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