Monday, June 6, 2016

Waga's "Disasterpiece" Event

Last night was quite an event. Me and my brother decided to try out a new activity, that we literally made up like 2 minutes before trying it. So what we did was basically a collab. But there were some rules. One of us would draw the head of a character, but then cover it up and the next person would draw the upper body. And so-on. These created what we like to call "disasterpieces." The reveal was honestly the funniest part and we ended up in tears and could not stop laughing at the results. This was a fun activity to rewind and just enjoy ourselves before a super busy summer that's ahead of us.

And since Waga was in charge the activities for The Nays tonight, I doodled him between activities.

And here are the DISASTERPIECES.
Have a laugh, because we sure did after the reveal.

And after all of that, we wrote Music Essays. But those don't need to be up here, they might've been even more of disasters than the disasterpices. But this was a lot of fun!

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