Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Bobby & Mahtee

Daily characters!

Bobby is a boy who thinks he's the coolest kid ever. He is one of Waga's nays and often sucks up to Waga so that he can be the favorite. Bobby likes to take control and be in charge of operations. All of Waga's other nays listen to him and some even fear him because he can be pretty forceful.

Mahtee is a very tricky dog who has the ability to trick anyone with his words. He is very competitive and is Dundas' number one rival. Both of them can trick anyone other than each other, which is why they butt heads so often. Mahtee and his entire family are known for being tricksters, but he is the most talented at doing so. He often enters competitions known as the "Hmm Hmm Thing" and is very often the winner.

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