Thursday, June 9, 2016

Last Daily Characters for awhile!

So today I'm heading on my plane for LA, so that means I'll be a lot less active here for the next few months! I'll still try to make posts whenever I can, but I won't be making them daily, that's for sure. These are the last daily characters I'll be drawing for awhile too, since I've got a busy summer ahead of me!

Sum3 is a reckless man who is the oldest of the three Merco brothers. He gets into trouble with the law an awful lot, and doesn't listen to authority. Sum3 has a bad temper and prefers to think more with his fists, rather than his head. Even if he is the oldest, he is definitely not the most mature, and is often reminded by his brothers on how he should act in public.

Puffer is a heavy smoker who is often wandering off on his own. Because of his dirty work, he is never seen staying in one place for very long. His family in Biggert City is often worried about him, and his little brother even sets off to find him at one point. Puffer doesn't like talking about himself, and usually keeps himself rather distant from others.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


I've been going crazy preparing for camp this week, because there is a lot that needs to get done! I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon, so I'm super excited!!! This also means you'll probably be seeing a lot less blog posts since summer is here and I'll be extremely busy being a Lead Instructor over at iD Tech's UCLA camp.

This is all I drew because I've been busy.
But this is me. Since my camp name is Eevee.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Bobby & Mahtee

Daily characters!

Bobby is a boy who thinks he's the coolest kid ever. He is one of Waga's nays and often sucks up to Waga so that he can be the favorite. Bobby likes to take control and be in charge of operations. All of Waga's other nays listen to him and some even fear him because he can be pretty forceful.

Mahtee is a very tricky dog who has the ability to trick anyone with his words. He is very competitive and is Dundas' number one rival. Both of them can trick anyone other than each other, which is why they butt heads so often. Mahtee and his entire family are known for being tricksters, but he is the most talented at doing so. He often enters competitions known as the "Hmm Hmm Thing" and is very often the winner.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Waga's "Disasterpiece" Event

Last night was quite an event. Me and my brother decided to try out a new activity, that we literally made up like 2 minutes before trying it. So what we did was basically a collab. But there were some rules. One of us would draw the head of a character, but then cover it up and the next person would draw the upper body. And so-on. These created what we like to call "disasterpieces." The reveal was honestly the funniest part and we ended up in tears and could not stop laughing at the results. This was a fun activity to rewind and just enjoy ourselves before a super busy summer that's ahead of us.

And since Waga was in charge the activities for The Nays tonight, I doodled him between activities.

And here are the DISASTERPIECES.
Have a laugh, because we sure did after the reveal.

And after all of that, we wrote Music Essays. But those don't need to be up here, they might've been even more of disasters than the disasterpices. But this was a lot of fun!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Alphonse & Substoy

Some more daily characters!

Alphonse is a heavy alcoholic who is always seen partying and drinking beer. He brews his own special beer that has extreme side-effects; whoever is under the influence will become extremely drunk and energetic by just taking a few sips. Alphonse always brings his own beer to parties and loves sharing it with everyone he meets. Alphonse is almost always under the influence, which is a major turn-off to his wife, Julie.

Substoy is the loudest creature in Biggert City who screams whenever he speaks. He was once best friends with Chiz, until Chiz got annoyed with his loud voice. Chiz made up the nickname "Stois," in which he calls him whenever referring to him. At first Substoy thought it was cool and would always say "Only Chiz can call me that!" when others tried to chime in and call him by that name. He wanted to treasure the friendship between the two of them, but since then, he has been banished from the Big Kid Club and is no longer second in charge. Substoy has become very depressed after being dethroned, and tends to keep to himself and only speak when he needs to. He cannot help that he has a loud voice, but it is what banished him from his group of friends.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Steak n Shake Life Drawings

I went to Steak n Shake earlier this week and ended up doing some life drawings while I was there.


Friday, June 3, 2016

Bice & Stein

Some daily characters!

Bice is an arrogant man who collects DNA samples for undercover experiments. He works on a contract-basis, so he can avoid any controversies that come up with his associations with certain clients. The DNA samples he collects are taken through needles that he keeps in his trench coat pockets. They are often used for cloning and other sketchy experiments.

Stein is a very dirty guy with a strong odor. He uses his dirtiness to his advantage in battle, and sets off stink bombs to stun his opponents. Stein does not care what others think of him, which can often get him into a lot of trouble.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Life Drawings in Boston!

While I was on my trip to Boston, I got the chance to do some life drawing!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Moe & Dr Hazo

Back to my daily characters!

Moe is the longest standing leader of Swiss George's King Chamber. He was in control of the room for two whole weeks, until Streeka dethroned him. After that, Moe was shamed and mocked for being defeated in one punch. Moe took a break after this, but he later attempts to regain his throne and works hard to become stronger.

Dr Hazo is a very knowledgeable man who can fix anything. He lives in New Lady World, where his fix-it shop is located. His specialty is fixing things, so he will often fix robots or link ships that arrive in his care. Hazo is a very diligent worker, who will work nights without sleep, just to finish projects.