Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Woobin & Chippy

These were two quicker characters! Neither are very main, so they're allowed to be more simple.

Woobin is one of the assistants in Evan World who is known for conducting games, such as Mable Table. They are often the judge on who wins games in Evan World, and will help deal punishment to anyone who mentions real names. Woobin has psychic abilities and is known to use confetti in battle. They do not speak very often, but are mostly there for purposes involving games.

Chippy is an orphan girl who is taken in by Gond when she is very young. She has mysterious healing abilities and was able to heal up Gond when they first met, after he escaped from his abusive family. Chippy is always very optimistic, even if she hasn't been the best situation herself. Once she arrives in Biggert City, she helps out at the hospital and is able to be useful due to her abilities and kind personality.

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