Monday, May 2, 2016

Quick RPG Maker Games

So the other night, my brother and I voted on what to do, and had our OCs suggest different things, until eventually we came up with the idea to make RPG Maker games in second person. And once a decision happens, it splits off into different paths. So we made two and switched off who worked on it after about an hour or two. These were super quick and fun little games to make.

This is the start of the flowchart that we made for one of the two games.

And then this is the custom choice menu that I made. I made the choice graphics based on his general layout for the game. I really like the limited palette that he chose.

And then this game took a completely different turn, in terms of mood. It is very lighthearted and has a music story vibe. Each character speaks in a different color and font, and it is about Pigger telling the little ones a bedtime story. So I tried to make it look like it was drawn by a little kid, with paper cutouts on Popsicle sticks.

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