Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Pearly Johnson & Matty

These characters were a little more simplistic. Which works for me, because I've been out and about the past two days.

Pearly Johnson is the wise World Leader of Compass World, who is said to have come from the moon. He uses his magical pearls, which originally came from the moon, to protect him from harms way. The pearls allow him to teleport, communicate with other Worlds, and create portals for others to transfer between Worlds. Pearly Johnson has many trusted assistants including Mr. Wopson, Capilstation, Dendrite, Milk, and many more. Pearly Johnson does not come in direct contact with the people of his World, but instead runs things from a distance, on the floating continent up in the sky. His assistants are the ones who run particular cities down on the Compass continent and act as city leaders.

Matty is a very innocent young boy who is very curious and full of excitement. He doesn't speak much, but instead he likes to take things in and ponder. Matty is one of Sally Bullrider's followers who is always seen riding on one of her Buffalos, through the desert.

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