Saturday, May 7, 2016

Larabelle & Blade

I spent more time on the designs of these two, rather than focusing a lot on the poses. Also I just noticed that they're Christmas colors together, oops.

Larabelle is a controlling woman who has the ability to enter into anyone's mind that her lips touch. Whenever she kisses someone, sher quickly takes control of them. Larabelle can be very seductive, as it is her strategy for taking control and manipulating her opponent.

Blade is a small creature that is often accused of slashing things up. Even if he has done it before, he will refuse and often says "I don't!" in response when they call him "the geek who slashes." Blade is one of the outcasts of Biggert City who doesn't have many friends because of the rumors that he will destroy everything in his path. Even the members of the Little Kids Club don't often invite him to events, because of this. This is a big contrast, because his older brother is feared by many and one of the most popular members of the Big Kid Club.

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