Sunday, May 15, 2016

Kami & Flesh

Both of these characters had been designed previously, but it was fun to draw them again.

Kami is a researcher at Muko Inc. who focuses on cloud energy. He wants to develop new technology using cloud energy. Kami is very calm for the most part, and doesn't really let things stress him out. He's very spacey and doesn't pay much attention to the world around him, since he's usually in his own little world. Kami is always making up new theories and is known for doing shady work.

Flesh is the humble grand-daughter of the well-known magician, Shear. She is one of the R Nays, and was asked to join due to her well-known family heritage. Flesh is one of the spokespeople for the R Nays. She always fights from a distance, due to her magic abilities. Flesh never goes into a battle alone, but is typically accompanied by her allies, or at least has some back-up that she can easily contact.

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