Sunday, May 1, 2016

Kafu & Carry

I made up these characters up a few years back.

Kafu is a young assassin who works by himself usually. Although, in the case of of the Teso annihilation mission, he ended up working with Kali, and the two were a very compatible team. Kafu has a large black hole in his check, which he has the ability to create a shadow hand from. While fighting, Kafu tends to keep silent, but he can get quite talkative while toying with his opponents. He wields daggers when he gets serious though.

Carry is a very clingy girl who is extremely social. She is very loud and outgoing. Carry tries to hang out with her siblings, but they usually think she's too weird and ignore her. She can get very emotional and is extremely dramatic whenever someone says something negative about her.

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