Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Gradd & Marble

These ones are related to some of my more main characters.

Gradd is a martial artist who is very strict with his students. He is very protective of Shimahari, the girl who he raises when her father goes missing. Gradd can seem like a very tough guy, but he has a soft spot when it comes to children. He is one of the most powerful members of Black Fortress, so he is often trusted with lots of responsibilities.

Marble is one of the leaders of the Tano tribe who is very laid-back. Though she is part of the military, she often isn't taken seriously, especially in comparison to her brother Garlint and her husband Centrino. Both of them are very controlling, so she is used to being an assistant and following their orders. Unfortunately this mindset is passed down to her son Hericots, who follows his cousin Veetoff's every order.

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