Thursday, May 5, 2016

Angela & Agna

I had a lot of fun drawing these two!

Angela is a very fashionable young girl who picks up current fashion trends from her older sister, Amber. She's constantly competing and trying to look as good as her older sister, so she spends countless hours putting on make-up and curling her hair. Angela does really enjoy playing outdoors and running. While she's not working on her looks, she's working on her health and running speed.

Agna is a very angry member of the Red Balloons in Demonica, who is a perfectionist. She typically ends up doing all of the work because she does not trust others to do work for her, in fear that they will do a bad job. She wields guns and pilots Linkships, so she is multi-talented. Agna can be very cynical of those who mess up her plans, so she is often found yelling angrily at them.

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