Thursday, April 21, 2016

Stigly & Dact

Some characters that were introduced semi-recently in regards to which Eventure.

Stigly is a very polite young boy who enjoys helping others. His catchphrase is "Um... excuse me!" since he is always politely saying that before he speaks. He is very active and knows the train routes very well in Mr Dude World. Stigly is a very considerate young man who is always thinking about others.

Dact is a rogue bird from the southern part of Tag World who does very sketchy work. He is one of Geot's assistants who does whatever he says. Dact is a follower who always follows what his group is doing. Although, his background as a thief is what makes him so valuable to the group. He is able to sneakily steal information from their enemies, and use it against them for his dirty work.

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