Saturday, April 23, 2016

Elftress & Shinneas

Both of these characters have Mohawks (sorta). But this is my first time drawing this design for Elftress, so I'm not entirely sure if this is what his final design is. I tried to flesh him out more than my usual daily characters, because he is a main character that I had not had a final design for yet.

Elftress is a very powerful World Leader who has the ability to seal creatures away using his tuba. His tuba is able to injure opponents' eardrums when playing specific tones through sound waves. Elftress runs Outlaw Bar, which doubles as a weapon shop. Once his World became much larger and populated, he is forced to give some of his ownership up to his partner Kouketsu. Elftress has many apprentices, including his two younger brothers Elfno and Elftair.

Shinneas is a gangster from North City who makes his way to North Harbor to get revenge on the Saku family. Since Jaboo and Cassie pulverized his boss, he attempts to get his revenge by breaking into their house and catching them by surprise. He is the new leader of his gang, the Silent Snakes, after his leader is gone. Shinneas runs things differently and is much more forceful. He aims for committing as much crime as possible and placing the blame on other rival gangs, so they can stay in the shadows and away from surveillance.

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