Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dr Birdonics & Beth

Both of these were originally designed by my brother, so it was fun to re-imagine them in my own style and slightly redesign parts of them.

Dr Birdonics is a doctor-in-training who hopes to be a master doctor in time. He works on the medical team in Tag World, and although he is very clumsy, he is dedicated to improving. Dr Birdonics loves talking with his patients, and getting involved in hopes that we will eagerly be able to help out, wherever necessary.

Beth is a very healthy and active woman, especially considering her age. She loves milk, and always carries extras with her, usually to use in battle and dump on her opponents as a distraction. Beth is very trusting of Hoedown Fox, and believes that he will lead a peacefully world where her and her family can live happily.

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