Thursday, April 7, 2016

David & Meushi

I spent more time on these characters!

David is a very angry man who has lots of money. He was always very demanding and controlling, but once his wife is killed by a stove being thrown on top of her, he becomes even angrier and vengeful. David travels to The Worlds after that incident, and ends up trying to go back in time to bring back his wife. He finds himself in Hide & Seek World, and lives in a mansion on his own there, awaiting the one day that he will be able to travel back in time to get his wife back.

Meushi is a very powerful R Nay who studies ancient Tag World technology. Though she is one of the R Nays, she isn't seen around them very much, because she works better on her own. She founded The Bucko Museum of Tag World Heritage in Slumber Falls Village, but dreams to create an even larger museum that will far surpass that. Meushi lives out in the Western Sparrow Mountains in Tag World, since that is where a lot of ancient Tag World inventions are kept. She hopes to one day build an entire museum around this historical site, to both preserve the ancient relics, as well as share them with everyone in The Worlds.

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