Wednesday, March 2, 2016

SpicJr & Bara-bara

These simple characters were really fun to draw! I got to play with shapes a lot more when designing them.

SpicJr is a crazy and annoying creature that thinks that Spicco is his dad. He is always talking and annoying everyone around him. SpicJr loves to scream (usually screaming "Waoh") and do terrible voice acting that he posts online. Him and Spicco always make up their own inside jokes and say them in response to anything that The Nays say. He has a very close connection with TGWTLT and Drowzwadd as well.

Bara-bara is a man of few words who is usually found meditating. He likes to avoid conflict at all costs, and prefers to be alone. Bara-bara is usually more of a follower and doesn't speak very often. He is usually more concerned with his own well-being than the well-being of others, so prefers to avoid attachment to others.

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