Monday, March 28, 2016

Princess Cat & "SNP"

Here are some more daily characters!

Princess Cat is a very stuck-up cat who overly cares about her looks. She is one of the leading members of the Beauties Club and is very close with Rith, the leader. She is married to Mooth and strictly believes in love at first sight. Princess Cat is very controlling and manipulative, and is able to make Mooth do everything she asks of him.

"SNP," whose real name is unknown, is a man who helps Horton and his team in the World Leader Exam. His hands are a boiling hot temperature, which is why he covers them up with gloves. He calls his gloves "kid gloves" and always jokes whenever he takes them off in battle, in order to better surprise his opponent. "SNP" is very vicious in battle, even if he seems harmless when he is not fighting.

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