Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Musk & Thingo

Some daily characters!

Musk is a very demanding woman who works for Ginko and is placed in charge of the PS World Underground during Ginko's reign. She is a very high officer within the white cloaks and does not show mercy. Musk is very fearless and likes to instill fear into others, often demonstrating her power. She does not hesitate to kill, if it means another opportunity to show off her strength and authority.

Thingo is a strange creature who loves to grab people with his hands. His arms are very long and can extend, so he is able to better use his hands to grab onto things or other people. Thingo was once from Biggert City, but once he wandered into The Worlds, he became under Slyro's watch in Tag World, along with a bunch of other kids.

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