Friday, March 18, 2016

Lotus & Geot

These two characters actually coincide with each other.

Lotus is a young orphan boy who was kidnapped by rogue birds at a very young age. Because of that, he hates birds and fears them greatly. He basically grew up in a prison and was named Prisoner #13041. Lotus has very bad luck overall, and does not trust anyone. He doesn't believe that good people exist in The Worlds, until he meets Xing, who is kind and compassionate towards him. Lotus was captured because of his rare ability to gather and use cloud energy to his advantage. Mr Kami Sakurai bought this young boy from the rogue birds and had him shipped in a box all the way to Aiml World, where he luckily breaks free and runs away.

Geot is a rogue bird from the southern area of Tag World who makes a living off of the black market. He does a lot of illegal activity and has a whole group of rogue birds who work with him. Geot is very tricky and is able to manipulate others into doing dirty work for him. He even ends up selling Grenna to researchers in Mr Dude World at one point, and uses The Nays to help him with this.

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