Saturday, March 26, 2016

General Nishi & Neil

Both of these characters come from Biggert City!

General Nishi is one of the toughest members of Meteor Age who is feared by almost all of the Little Kids. She is one of the few girls in Meteor Age, and is also one of the oldest ones. She is commonly known as Nisha Shoe, but only by other members of Meteor Age who aren't too scared to joke around with her. General Nishi is surprisingly protective of her younger brother Dortic, even if she doesn't tend to show that soft side very often.

Neil is a Little Kid who loves licking gold. Upon winning a contest, him and the other Little Kids win a bunch of gold, in which he convinces the others to try the taste of gold with him. Neil always keeps a stick of gold with him no matter where he goes. He dreams to one day live in a house covered in gold.

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