Friday, March 4, 2016

Churros & Gage

I've been super busy lately, but trying to give myself a few more breaks so I can be more productive with my work.

Churros is one of Manny's friends who holds down the base during his absence, in Eustar World. He is a womanizer who is always talking about women and who he's currently interested in. Churros is often seen in rich areas, even though he doesn't have a whole lot of money. He makes himself out to be a much wealthier and more successful man than he actually is, in order to get on the good side of the rich ladies in Eustar World.

Gage is a jolly member of the Hikers Association who is always very welcoming and friendly. He is very enthusiastic and polite, no matter who he is talking to. It's hard to catch Gage in a bad mood, because even if things are going bad, he always finds a way to lighten the mood. Unfortunately, once PS World was ruled by Ginko, he was forced to carry heavy weapons beneath the Party Place in Faction 23. Regardless, he still carries on and stays positive until the end.

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