Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Amelia & Kouketsu

I've been busy, but keeping up as usual!

Amelia is a very outgoing and photogenic girl who loves being around friends. She's extremely nice and very anti-bullying due to events from her past. Amelia is very good at navigating through her mind and the minds of others, but doesn't really fight all that much outside of her mind. Though she is very friendly, she lacks self-confidence and usually puts others a lot higher than herself.

And some extra sketches of Amelia, since I couldn't decide on which pose to use at first!

Kouketsu is the new leader of Outlaw Bar, who took over when Elftriss became a full-time World Leader. He runs the bar much differently than Elftriss did, and does not care about stopping petty fights or gossip from spreading. Kouketsu usually works in the back and doesn't come out unless things get out of hand.

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