Thursday, March 31, 2016

Final Fantasy XV Release Date!

Last night I watched the FFXV Uncovered event, and I've got to say, I'm super excited. It's been announced to come out September 30th of 2016! I've been waiting since 2006. Ten years. Almost half of my life. So basically my entire life as an artist (since 2006 is when I started to consider art as a career). I was anticipating this game the year that I made my deviantART account. So that's a long time ago. 

But anyway, I made a speed painting of Noctis and Luna to celebrate this event!

 The initial sketch

And then more cleaned up lines and a base color.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Musk & Thingo

Some daily characters!

Musk is a very demanding woman who works for Ginko and is placed in charge of the PS World Underground during Ginko's reign. She is a very high officer within the white cloaks and does not show mercy. Musk is very fearless and likes to instill fear into others, often demonstrating her power. She does not hesitate to kill, if it means another opportunity to show off her strength and authority.

Thingo is a strange creature who loves to grab people with his hands. His arms are very long and can extend, so he is able to better use his hands to grab onto things or other people. Thingo was once from Biggert City, but once he wandered into The Worlds, he became under Slyro's watch in Tag World, along with a bunch of other kids.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Character Doodles

I've been doing a lot of things I can't really show here (some of which isn't directly art-related), so this is a pretty small post for today.

These were some doodles I did of my characters one night. Playing around with new costumes for them.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Princess Cat & "SNP"

Here are some more daily characters!

Princess Cat is a very stuck-up cat who overly cares about her looks. She is one of the leading members of the Beauties Club and is very close with Rith, the leader. She is married to Mooth and strictly believes in love at first sight. Princess Cat is very controlling and manipulative, and is able to make Mooth do everything she asks of him.

"SNP," whose real name is unknown, is a man who helps Horton and his team in the World Leader Exam. His hands are a boiling hot temperature, which is why he covers them up with gloves. He calls his gloves "kid gloves" and always jokes whenever he takes them off in battle, in order to better surprise his opponent. "SNP" is very vicious in battle, even if he seems harmless when he is not fighting.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Experimenting with Style

I've been drawing my character Zandra in a bunch of different styles. It's a fun exercise that helps push me outside of my comfort zone.

Dragon Ball


Dangan Ronpa

One Piece



Adventure Time

Saturday, March 26, 2016

General Nishi & Neil

Both of these characters come from Biggert City!

General Nishi is one of the toughest members of Meteor Age who is feared by almost all of the Little Kids. She is one of the few girls in Meteor Age, and is also one of the oldest ones. She is commonly known as Nisha Shoe, but only by other members of Meteor Age who aren't too scared to joke around with her. General Nishi is surprisingly protective of her younger brother Dortic, even if she doesn't tend to show that soft side very often.

Neil is a Little Kid who loves licking gold. Upon winning a contest, him and the other Little Kids win a bunch of gold, in which he convinces the others to try the taste of gold with him. Neil always keeps a stick of gold with him no matter where he goes. He dreams to one day live in a house covered in gold.

Friday, March 25, 2016

The Nays Comic

So I'm finally doing it. The story I've been working on for 10+ years finally has a first comic page. I'm doing this in a web-comic-esc format, which is brand new for me. I'm not sure how far I'll get or how often I'll be able to post new pages, but I'm planning on making these a lot quicker just to kind of get my story out there. We wrote about the first half of this first Eventure, so I shouldn't have to worry too much about catching up to where that's written. Currently we are on the 100th Eventure (about 60 of those are completely done and ready to be drawn, but they're the later ones). 

But to clarify, each story arc is called an Eventure. We haven't really sorted through and thought of specific Chapters, but we'll make do as we go along. My brother and I have worked long and hard on this project, and it's really what we spend the majority of our free time working on. It's mostly been a project we've kept to ourselves (other than posting drawings of the characters on here), but now it's time we introduce our story to all of you. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Robita & xen

Both of these characters were introduced during the Preliminary World Leader Exam!

Robita is a very loud and paranoid member of the Grove who is known as the "village idiot." He is very jumpy and suspicious of outsiders of the Grove. Robita, like the other members of the Grove, has a strong hatred for cyborgs and anyone associated with Chaz. Overall he is not very trusting and prefers to hang around with only those who are within the Grove walls.

Xen is a short man who works as a bartender at Outlaw Bar. He doesn't really stay close with a specific group, but instead prefers to be friendly with everyone. Xen doesn't really take sides, he tends to mind his own business and stay busy with his job.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

MORE Pokemon Fanart!

The Pokemon mood that leaves for a day and then comes back. It's like I'm never NOT in the mood for Pokemon, haha.

So I got Pokken Tournament last week and Pikachu Libre ended up being my favorite character to play as. I was very shocked, because I really don't like Pikachu as a Pokemon all that much, haha. But his ultimate move is pretty great.

Another Pokemon of the Day!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Echo Puddin' & Shuesha

These two were a lot more unique and really really fun to draw!

Echo Puddin' is a very energetic young fox who enjoys gossiping with her cousin, Karma. Echo Puddin' looks up to her older sisters and tries to emulate them in a lot of ways. Rith often teaches her about Beauty so she can "learn early."

Shuesha is one of Malik's top assistants in the Timeless Abyss. She is very powerful and trustworthy. Shuesha is very good at her job and very obedient to Malik. During The Nays Banquet, Shuesha is the one who escorts Kali, in order to keep an eye on her after her misbehavior in The World Leader Exam.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Some Sketchbook Doodles

So the weather can't make up its mind on whether it wants to be nice out or not, but I've been trying to get out when I can to sketch. Usually I've only been able to sneak in a sketch or two while waiting in line for food, but it's still good practice!



Sunday, March 20, 2016

Moltair & Stonin Togin

Daily characters!

Moltair is a very angry woman who is a part of Manny's resistance group in Eustar World. She is very controlling and refuses to be wrong. She swears an awful lot, and very often in a bad mood.

Stonin Togin is a loud member of the CrY family who loves food. He is very quick to make decisions and loves spontaneity. Stonin Togin is always ready to eat and goes to parties mostly for the food.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Nays Pokemon Pearl Adventures

So The Nays have been playing Pokemon Pearl recently. I always forget everything about Gen4, so I decided to sketch each of their turns to try and force myself to remember more about these games (and to keep me drawing for myself). I ended up beating the game last night, so this is the project all the way from the beginning to end!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Lotus & Geot

These two characters actually coincide with each other.

Lotus is a young orphan boy who was kidnapped by rogue birds at a very young age. Because of that, he hates birds and fears them greatly. He basically grew up in a prison and was named Prisoner #13041. Lotus has very bad luck overall, and does not trust anyone. He doesn't believe that good people exist in The Worlds, until he meets Xing, who is kind and compassionate towards him. Lotus was captured because of his rare ability to gather and use cloud energy to his advantage. Mr Kami Sakurai bought this young boy from the rogue birds and had him shipped in a box all the way to Aiml World, where he luckily breaks free and runs away.

Geot is a rogue bird from the southern area of Tag World who makes a living off of the black market. He does a lot of illegal activity and has a whole group of rogue birds who work with him. Geot is very tricky and is able to manipulate others into doing dirty work for him. He even ends up selling Grenna to researchers in Mr Dude World at one point, and uses The Nays to help him with this.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Bringing Back the Gif Compilation

Remember that old project called Nays Gif Compilation? Well probably not, but I felt like continuing it for one night.

Lonny is going on a journey on a row boat, but when he loses his cell phone, the fun is over.
(Scott Pilgrim style)

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Lylie & Eustace

Some daily characters!

Lylie is a very lively young boy who always carries his paintball gun wherever he goes. He loves shooting paint in peoples' faces and is an avid trouble-maker. Lylie loves hanging around with his older brother Kicky, even if Kicky thinks he's annoying and hates being around him. He really looks up to Kicky and follows him around everywhere.

Eustace is a wealthy slave owner who is very close with his daughter. He is very protective of her and will never let anything bad happen to her. Eustace is generally nicer to his servants than most slave owners, but he obviously is not very morally healthy if he has slaves in the first place. He is very often blinded by power and can be incredibly stuck up.