Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Yoho & Pay

These characters were done a little quicker, since I've been pretty busy.

Yoho is the high priest of the Spiral Yeti in Aiml World. He is very strict and does not allow for anyone to disobey the rules. There is a very large following in the Spiral Yeti Order, and Yoho is the one responsible for keeping so many of the members. The members will listen to his every order no matter what.

Pay is the adopted brother of the Metal family who is the leader of the Tiny Club. He looks up to the Big Kids and deem their leaders as the "Heroes" of the Tiny Club. It is not hard to make him cry, but he tries to stay strong since he is the leader of the club. Pay is still very young and needs to be watched over by the Metal family very closely.

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