Wednesday, February 17, 2016

World K Celebrations

So recently I've been working on some pieces for my portfolio. I also have been wanting to develop some of The Worlds a little more. So I decided to create a full illustration based off of some color studies that I did a few weeks ago. So this is the Timeless Abyss, and Gair and Piko are celebrating and bonding and being friends after participating in the World K Tournament.

The final illustration!

These were the initial thumbnails that I did a few weeks back.

 Then I sketched out the one I decided to go with.

I decided to go lineless with this one, so this step took a lot longer than usual. I blocked in all of the colors.

Then I started blocking in some shading. 

Worked on shading some more things in. 

I started adding some textures and re-positioned Gair. 

 Started adding in more textures and refining things.

And the final piece before adding in the lights!

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