Thursday, February 25, 2016

Working on Zandra

I've been working on my portfolio a lot recently, with deadlines approaching. And I made a few pieces revolving around Zandra.

Zandra and Amber have been best friends since 2077, so six years now. These two are polar opposites, but they get along somehow. Amber's super into fashion and make-up, while Zandra could care less about any of that. Of course, when they first meet though, Amber plays dress-up with Zandra and introduces her to pretty things. This is a selfie they took right around the time that they started hanging out.

Zandra got bullied a lot when she was younger, so this is a little sequence of when some of the kids in her town pushed her into the sea. Then she was covered in seaweed and made fun of. Not a fun time.

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