Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Rudat & Fragger

Now that the Global Game Jam is over, I'm getting back into the habit of drawing things at my own pace. And back to the daily rituals!

Rudat is a very mysterious masked man who saved Johnny's life in Mr Dude World. More recently, Rudat has become much more involved with The Nays, even participating in the World Leader Exam. He has very good navigational skills, and can very easily act as a leader to The Nays. He is always looking out for The Nays and is someone that they can always count on, even if he is still mysterious. Although, because of his failure to save Aya, Scott has held a grudge against him, even after finding out more about him.

Fragger is a member of of Cypriss' group who specializes in bombs and explosives. He uses this technique to his advantage by placing mines around the battlefield. Fragger is usually very strategic and the brains in battles. He is very intimidating to newcomers because he always in a tight-knit group and is knowledgeable about what is going on.

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