Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Nay Scenes

So just like I did in December, I've been in the mood for doing mini sketches with my characters interacting. I think I'm gonna try to do a lot more of my main five characters interacting with each other, or other characters. It's a good exercise and feels a lot less like "work" than other things. I hope I can end up doing this a lot more often to relax and enjoy myself more. I've been too tense lately with applying to jobs, that I really need a break every once in awhile, haha.

At one point, Gair asks Dark Thunder to teach him how to teleport. Dark Thunder of course tests his strength beforehand to make sure that he can handle it. And coincidentally enough, Dark Thunder is impressed. This takes place on the Sid Eventure, when The Nays visit Compass World again, after about a year of being in The Worlds.

I was playing The Sims the other night and Pamchan got killed for ranting about Death. And then while Xing was mourning for her death, she magically came back to life.

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