Monday, February 29, 2016

Saplin' and Abby

Some quick daily characters.

Saplin' is a very messy child who has trouble focusing. He loves playing with toy cars and hopes to one day become a car mechanic. Saplin' doesn't do well in school, but he loves playing with friends.

Abby is a positive girl who doesn't have many friends. She is often bullied and considered the "weird girl," but she keeps on smiling regardless of how badly she is treated. Abby tries to be friendly to everyone she meets and never discriminates against people.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Scott Doodles

Been drawing more of Scott recently for my portfolio.

I fixed up the lines and colored some old doodles I did for Huevember. These are of Scott and Jennie hanging out.

When Scott and Ralphie were little, they fought a lot. Well they still do, but they were more physical in their fights. In this particular instance, they're fighting over who can play with their lizard Firebreath. Little do they know, that playing tug-of-war with him is not a good idea.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Baklo & Mr. Wopson

Some fun characters!

Baklo is one of the commanding officers of the Dusty Dimes, and the one who led them during Lonny's absence. He replaces Pubby as Lonny's "Number 1" once Pubby takes a break from being in the gang. He has always been Lonny's best friend and most trusted member. Baklo often goes to Aleen's place to get more tattoos to add to his body. Baklo can be a really good leader, but he knows when it's time to back off and retreat. He's super chill and relaxed most of the time, and doesn't really go out of his way to get into fights with people.

Mr. Wopson is one of the World Officials of Compass World who has very strong mind powers. He will control objects around him with his mind to fight off his enemies. Mr. Wopson's main weapon is a "remote control" helicopter; but this helicopter is not controlled by an actual remote, it is controlled by his mind. His hair works as antennae that help him project his telekinetic powers. Overall, Mr. Wopson is one of the most powerful people in Compass World, which is why he serves as one of the Officials that will watch over it.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Return of the Sketchbook

I haven't been drawing traditionally too much, aside from my daily fundamental drawings. But last weekend I finally decided to sketch a little while I was in the car. It was difficult because of the bumpy roads, but it was nice to try something different.

I was playing around with new costume designs for Yaguzi, since I'm not completely sold on his current costume. I think I got one that I like though.

And then some other doodles I did while thinking about stuff.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Working on Zandra

I've been working on my portfolio a lot recently, with deadlines approaching. And I made a few pieces revolving around Zandra.

Zandra and Amber have been best friends since 2077, so six years now. These two are polar opposites, but they get along somehow. Amber's super into fashion and make-up, while Zandra could care less about any of that. Of course, when they first meet though, Amber plays dress-up with Zandra and introduces her to pretty things. This is a selfie they took right around the time that they started hanging out.

Zandra got bullied a lot when she was younger, so this is a little sequence of when some of the kids in her town pushed her into the sea. Then she was covered in seaweed and made fun of. Not a fun time.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Sota & Fract

Some more of my daily characters!

Sota is a stressed woman who works in the R&D lab at Muko Inc. She is not very happy with her current situation and is always getting into arguments with her husband, Kami. She gets annoyed with him easily because he is quite eccentric, but stays in the relationship for personal reasons.

Fract is a second-grader who is obsessed with the popular TV show, Pyramid Power. His entire week is scheduled around when Pyramid Power comes on TV. When he's not watching Pyramid Power, he is often playing baseball and practicing his pitching skills. He hopes to one day be as good of a pitcher as his older family members.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Inside of My Characters' Minds

Recently I've been working on some world development pieces. Specifically, I've been figuring out what it looks like inside of the characters' minds, since that plays a major role in my story. I've gotten all five of my main characters done, so this was a really fun exercise.

Inside of Ralphie's Mind

Inside of Zandra's Mind

Inside of Pubby's Mind

Inside of Gair's Mind
(I already posted this one earlier)

Inside of Scott's Mind
(I've posted this one before too)

Monday, February 22, 2016

Anti-Ochra & Yousprit

These were characters that my brother had already made up awhile back, just never had completely finished designs.

Anti-Ochra is a businesswoman with high status in the CrY family, who works as a bank teller. She will sometimes steal money from the bank when she has the opportunity to. Anti-Ochra despises dressing up, but unfortunately, because of her job, she has to on a daily basis. She also doesn't really like parties or social gatherings, but is forced to in order to keep her high status in the CrY family.

Yousprit is a straw demon who has the power to summon other demons using a large red balloon. He is very serious about his missions, and works extra hard to make sure that he is successful. Despite his small size, he wants to prove that he is a strong and useful member to the Red Balloon group.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Lee & Rith

I spent a little more time on these characters!

Lee is a very athletic young boy who loves playing sports. He dreams to one day become a pro-basket ball player, and is always practicing on a daily basis with his friends Spicco and Spic Jr. Lee often talks very fast, so is often asked to repeat himself.

Rith is the leader of the Beauties Club in Biggert City and is overly concerned about her looks. She is only friends with girls and is disgusted at the idea of befriending boys. She only lets girls enter her Beauties Club, and is very selective of who has high status in the Club. She is extremely concerned with popularity and what is cool, and refuses to even associate with any "geeks" in Biggert City.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Recent Nay Doodles

Whenever I have a moment when I don't know what to draw, I usually just start doodling characters. So here are a few recent ones.

A few days I wasn't feeling well and doodled this to kind of try to motivate myself.

A doodle of Scott holding a gun for the first time. At age 12. Chozu was a really bad influence on him.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Hawkster & Dahoud

Some more daily characters!

Hawkster is the very curious younger brother of Hawkin. He is always spying on Hawkin and trying to see what his older brother is up to. Hawkster looks up to Hawkin and hopes to one day become a Bird-in-Training, like him. He is very talkative and spends most of his time hanging out with his best friend, Zero.

Dahoud is a very shady man who does "business" on his trusty Linkship, the "Imprisoned Oxen." He is a slave trader who covers up the dirtiness of his business with the phrase "Would you like to purchase a companion?" Dahoud is an extremely deceitful man who will often cover up as being "trustworthy," but will quickly turn on those who he gains trust from and turn them into his slaves.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Lots of Pokemon!

So recently I've been in the mood for Pokemon, and been using it as a break from constant serious portfolio stuff 24/7.

I based this drawing off of the old sprites and old color palettes from the original Red/Green versions, so it was fun and challenging to get those limited palettes to look right. But it was definitely fun. Also using the Pokemon's actual sizes from their Pokedex entries was interesting to figure out. This is my Leaf Green team.

I drew this with thicker lines because it was after a long night of working on lineless drawings. I needed a break since I love my lineart, haha. 

This was a quick doodle I did to take a break from life.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

World K Celebrations

So recently I've been working on some pieces for my portfolio. I also have been wanting to develop some of The Worlds a little more. So I decided to create a full illustration based off of some color studies that I did a few weeks ago. So this is the Timeless Abyss, and Gair and Piko are celebrating and bonding and being friends after participating in the World K Tournament.

The final illustration!

These were the initial thumbnails that I did a few weeks back.

 Then I sketched out the one I decided to go with.

I decided to go lineless with this one, so this step took a lot longer than usual. I blocked in all of the colors.

Then I started blocking in some shading. 

Worked on shading some more things in. 

I started adding some textures and re-positioned Gair. 

 Started adding in more textures and refining things.

And the final piece before adding in the lights!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Senkou & Nautel

I've been super busy, but keeping up, regardless!

Senkou is an insane member of the Torpedo Four who is always seen holding knives. He enjoys cutting his victim up into pieces. Senkou is very violent and extremely crazy. He and the other members perform the New Colonist Welcoming Ceremony in Inferno Colony #3 every year. Senkou is always looking for a new challenge, especially fights against fellow swordsmen.

Nautel is a young girl whose voice is loud enough to injure eardrums. She usually has to whisper in order to speak in at a "normal" volume that does not injure others. Whenever she is angry, she will scream and usually cause lots of pain to her enemies. Nautel tries to help Horton become a World Leader by joining his team for the World Leader Exam.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Zandra Painting

I haven't done a digital painting in awhile, so I decided to do a little test with Zandra. I was going for a more realistic style since my stuff is usually on the cartoony side.

The finished version!

 I started by blocking in colors.

Added in the darks and a few different tones. 

Then I blocked in the hair a lot more and started working on the eye. 

The hair was finished after adding in some strand details. Then I got the eye mostly blocked in. 

And then continued working on the skin details and finishing the eyes.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Zev & Harry

I've been super busy getting my portfolio together, so it's been hard to focus on these too much. But I'm keeping up regardless!

Zev is a very well-known powerful black mage who is very highly respected in the Superve family. Zev was the strongest Superve who would be the next successor, and he was always very confident in his own abilities. Although, once Neen obtained enough power, he was able to kill Zev and turn him into his slave.

Harry is one of the older Blue siblings who lives in a cabin near Genson Lake, in Tag World. He is a loner who enjoys sitting by the lake and occasionally fishing. Harry is a very deep thinker who hates interaction with people.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sketches at Apple Bees

Last weekend I went out to eat with my grandparents at Apple Bees, and I got a chance to do some life drawing doodles of the people in the restaurant! I haven't done life drawings in awhile, so it was fun to finally do them again.