Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Zandra's Design

I've been working on Zandra's design a lot and figuring out her different costumes throughout the series.

I decided to revisit an old project that I've been working on, on-and-off. I now officially have more recent drawings of my six main characters' full costume changes, plus I'm moving on and making up some alternate costumes for some of my other characters in the process.

I originally designed Zandra's costumes back in 2012, but they were really rushed and underdeveloped, so I decided to redraw them all. And in the process, I completely redesigned the first half and even added an extra one.

I wanted to try out something new, so I did this little piece. Since I recently re-designed Zandra's costumes, I decided to draw her during her Tag World times. I played around with a lot of different brushes to create a worn paper texture.

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