Friday, January 22, 2016

What it Looks Like Inside of Gair's Mind

I've been wanting to draw environments of The Worlds more recently, since I haven't really done a whole lot of those. I've been focusing a lot on developing the characters, but the actual Worlds need some love and care too. So I'm starting off by figuring out what it looks like within all of The Nays' minds. And to start off with the protagonist: Gair! 

This is kind of a Lost Eventure, since I never really showed what happened when Rocko trained The Nays. But I imagine Gair would need to know his way around the inside of his mind (this rocky cave). So him and his imaginary friend (Drogo) are exploring and trying to figure things out.

I did a bunch of thumbnail sketches to figure out a composition that I wanted, to show the characters and the environment.

I decided to go with this thumbnail.

Then I laid down some tones and re-sketched things out.

And then I cleaned up the lines.

I put down some basic colors.

And then I started on adding in some of the shading.

I fixed up some of the shading and did some blurring of background elements.

And then I added the final effects.

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