Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Tyin & Dortic

These were some fun characters to design, especially Dortic Sock since I had never drawn him before.

Tyin is an energetic R Nay who hails from AV World. His mother Maru was one of the First Generation Nays, so he constantly feels under pressure to do well. Since his mother was killed by her friends, he is always very cautious of who he trusts, though he is not always the best at keeping secrets.

Dortic Sock is an ant-dog hybrid who loves playing Pugh cards. He also takes bath in his "house" that he carries with him on his back, so it is always filled with water. Dortic Sock always goes by his first and last name. He enjoys running around and singing the theme song to the Pugh TV show, because he is so obsessed with the series.

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