Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Sleeping Nays

So this is a project I've been working on the past few days! This was a lot of fun, so I plan on doing more prompts in the future (I thought up a bunch of ideas and decided to start with this one). I really wanted to explore my characters' lives more and design what their rooms might look like. At first I was going to just draw each character on a bed without thinking about what the environments would look like, but then I got carried away adding more and more things, until they became really personalized and unique! It's fun to see how many different ways people can do ordinary things, so that's what I'm exploring with my six main characters. Look forward to more entries like this in the future!

Here are all of them in one!

And now I'll show some of the process of how each one got to where it ended up!

 I started with the sketch
 Then the background base color, and lineart.
 Then the base colors
And then the shading!
The process is the same on all of these, so it's pretty straight-forward.






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