Monday, January 4, 2016

Quandilk & Rotle

I've been a little behind on posting my daily characters here because of the new year and all of the other art I've been doing, so be prepared for a few days of daily characters to catch up! These ones both happen to be animal creatures.

Quandilk is a very aggressive wolf from the Grove who has a very short temper. He has a lot of pride and is not very trusting of outsiders. He has very strong beliefs and is not easily swayed by words. Quandilk is not very understanding and thinks too highly of himself.

Rotle is an undercover detective who is the leader of the R Nays. He used to be a very unpopular creature from Biggert City who was set aside as an outcast from the rest of the clubs. Now he is the most knowledgeable and strategic member of the R Nays. He has now abandoned the name Rotle and merely goes by the name R.

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