Monday, January 25, 2016

P'ukpin & TMWTLT

These characters were designed awhile ago, just never fully colored and fleshed out.

-P'ukpin is an elderly Pinto who is not very trusting of strangers outside of the Pinto Nomad tribe. When Regent Pinpin puts all of his trust in Divroga's plans, P'ukpin is very wary and does not want to follow through with this idea. P'ukpin is very cautious overall, but he throws away his pride to ask The Nays for help when Divroga infiltrates the Pinto Nomad base.

TMotherWTLT is a wanted creature in PS World that often visits PS Chat in the form of a woman named Tifin. She kidnaps men from PS Chat and eats them when she gets brings them to her home. TMWTLT is TGWTLT's mother who has the powers to seduce others and trick them into liking her.

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