Saturday, January 9, 2016

Nikita & Leo

I've been focusing a lot more on color and rendering recently. More so than lineart, which is definitely a change me!

Nikita is a friendly woman who works at the Cable Car Station in PS World. She is very good at her job and will always stick with a positive attitude when doing so. Nikita prefers staying indoors at the station, but when the job calls for it, she helps fix the cable cars. She travels often because she works at the various locations. She prefers working in the warmer climates, but she is often sent to the colder ones due to lack in staff. Nikita does not complain, regardless of how much it might bother her.

Leo is a gossiper from Black Fortress who stays in a close tight-knit group. He doesn't like making new friends and prefers to keep those who know all of his secrets. Leo is not very accepting of others and often criticizes others, but mostly behind their backs.

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