Thursday, January 7, 2016

MStamp & Bogure

My last character of 2015, and first character of 2016!

MStamp is a very talkative Russian blue cat who is always seen carrying pockets full of stamps. He has a huge stamp collection and loves to decorate everything he owns with stamps. In his free time, he helps out his friend Dyll on his talk show. MStamp is usually the one who is in charge of choosing music, as he deems himself the best DJ in Biggert City. He is usually very excited and loud, so his younger brother Mooth doesn't like to spend much time at home around him.

Bogure is a deadly creature created by Sid. He talks little and has a very elementary brain. He is amoral and loves to inflict pain and suffering upon others. Bogure is a creature to be feared even by World Leaders, as it is nearly unbeatable.

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