Friday, January 1, 2016

First Post of 2016!

It's officially 2016! 2015 was a pretty good year, so I'm excited to see what comes of 2016. First off, I'm going to post what my artistic process has looked like the past 11 years:

I think I'm pretty happy with how my progress has been going. Yeah, it might be a little slow, but at least I'm not DEproving as far as I can tell. So that's what matters most.

Since I already talked about how 2015 went in my previous post, I'm going to focus on what my plans for 2016 are. After all, it will be my first full year after being graduated from CCAD. I'm planning on doing more freelance work to save up money, and then I will be moving to Los Angeles over the summer to work at iD Tech this year.

But as far as New Years Resolutions go, I've been thinking about a bunch of goals. For one, I'm not going to focus so much on posting my daily characters every single day, since I'm running out of main characters (I have been mostly drawing minor characters for the past half a year and am getting into even more minor characters). Don't get me wrong, I'm going to keep on posting them as much as I can, but I'm planning on not worrying so much if it's before midnight, like I have been, because as long as I'm working on stuff, it's not super important when it's posted online.

Another thing I'm planning on doing is continuing my daily fundamentals (as I posted a couple of pictures of in my previous post). It's been helping me out a lot, so I definitely want to continue doing that to better improve my skills.

I also plan on doing some more digital paintings, environments, and color practice pieces, since I feel like that's something I haven't really tried to work on in awhile. I realize one of my weaker points may be color and environments, so I really want to start focusing on that and improving on it this year.

Also, since the past few months I have been participating in monthly challenges, I would like to continue some kind of daily challenge for this year. My plan is to do more daily sketches involving my main characters. Since I have been drawing a variety of minor characters through my daily characters, I haven't really had much of a chance to draw the main characters that my story focuses on. So this year I'm planning on doing more drawings of my main characters and really building up my portfolio. I've gotten so much great advice on how to improve my portfolio, but I've been so busy that it's been hard to get around and directly apply them. This year I'm planning on taking a lot of the feedback and improving my portfolio with new pieces.

And lastly, something I plan on doing this year is really focusing and finishing a game. I have been working on ideas to create a game from scratch (currently under the title of "Project Zandra"). At the very least, my goal is to completely finish all of the pre-production work this year. And if possible, finish the script and artwork for the game. From there, things shouldn't be too hard to complete in the next year. But my brother and I have also been talking about participating in the Global Game Jam at the end of the month, so that would add one more completed game to my list, if we do end up participating.

But overall, I'm pretty excited about what 2016 will bring for me. 2015 was a giant adventure, so I'm confident that 2016 will include some more new adventures for me to go on. That's all for now!

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