Saturday, January 30, 2016

Digital Sketches

I've been doing some sketches in my spare time when I'm not working on my portfolio.

So I sketched out a bunch of the quotes that I liked the most from the first major time when Trekkon gets taken over by Death. This Eventure was really when Trekkon started to trust Gair and realize that Gair really thinks of him as one of his best friends. After this point, the two of them slowly become best friends, really. Yay friendship!

This was a drawing I started back in December. I forgot I even started it because of the new years festivities and all of the busy things that come with the beginning of the year. But this is a photo that Cipo takes of The Nays when they attend a party in Party Sanctuary World. Gallu invites The Nays to attend the award ceremony, so they can also celebrate Piko becoming a new Nay. Of course, it's a formal occasion, so The Nays have to dress up a bit for the party. Not all of The Nays are pleased by this though. This is during the Ducklin Returns Eventure, so naturally things don't go as planned for them.

Doodle of Chiz since we didn't have any digital drawings of him.

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