Friday, January 15, 2016

AKZ & Flaud

These two I had a lot of fun with, since they were partially designed before, and I basically expanded on the existing designs. They are also both World Leaders, or at least higher up in Worlds.

AKZ is the World Leader who rules over Psyciao World. He is very confident in his abilities and possesses powerful psychic abilities. He takes his job as a World Leader very seriously and does not tolerate foolish behavior. He has a very close connection with the people of his World and will do everything in his power to protect them.

Flaud is a very formal Mr Dude World Official (commonly referred to as White Cloaks). She is in charge of communications in Mr Dude World and is a spokesperson when contacting other Worlds. Flaud is very stern and serious, so she does not often evoke emotions.

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