Sunday, January 31, 2016

Bryan Poitra

Since I've been busy participating in the Global Game Jam, there's just one character for today.

Bryan is a chef-in-training who dreams to one day become a master chef in a World run by Dundas. His specialty is cooking chicken balls with special sauce on them. Bryan's food is delicious, but he is still fairly clumsy and messy in the kitchen. He works very quickly, which can sometimes result in spills and ingredients being dropped on the ground.

For this one, I spent a lot more time on the sketch, and ended almost up liking it more than the finished piece, since it had a lot of energy.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Digital Sketches

I've been doing some sketches in my spare time when I'm not working on my portfolio.

So I sketched out a bunch of the quotes that I liked the most from the first major time when Trekkon gets taken over by Death. This Eventure was really when Trekkon started to trust Gair and realize that Gair really thinks of him as one of his best friends. After this point, the two of them slowly become best friends, really. Yay friendship!

This was a drawing I started back in December. I forgot I even started it because of the new years festivities and all of the busy things that come with the beginning of the year. But this is a photo that Cipo takes of The Nays when they attend a party in Party Sanctuary World. Gallu invites The Nays to attend the award ceremony, so they can also celebrate Piko becoming a new Nay. Of course, it's a formal occasion, so The Nays have to dress up a bit for the party. Not all of The Nays are pleased by this though. This is during the Ducklin Returns Eventure, so naturally things don't go as planned for them.

Doodle of Chiz since we didn't have any digital drawings of him.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Matthias & Ruba

Some grumpy characters this time.

Matthias is blacksmith from Black Fortress who has a rather inflated ego. He's very rude to students and other rookie blacksmiths. Matthias takes pride in his profession and prefers to work alone, rather than with others. He always looks down upon others and feels the need to remind others that he is talented and is good at his job.

Ruba is a very bossy woman from C R I M World that feels the need to insult others in order to raise her ego. She is a very heavy smoker and does not hesitate to blow smoke in peoples' faces if they are on her bad side. Ruba is not someone to mess with, since she can be very nasty when she's upset.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Inside of Scott's Mind

I've been figuring out what it looks like inside of all of my characters' minds. This one was a little quicker and more of a speedpaint, but it helped get some ideas out there.

Here's what it looks like inside of Scott's mind.

I started out with the thumbnails.

 Then the quick sketch.

 I put tones beneath it.

 Then I threw in some quick colors.

 I rendered it out more.

And then I added some effects.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Katie & Yanora

Getting to more of the non-main characters here.

Katie is a very introverted rat who is very socially awkward. He doesn't really like hanging out with anyone outside of school, so is usually found sitting around in his house with his cousins. Katie is a member of the "Geeky" Meteor Age, because he was not cool enough to join Meteor Age.

Yanora is a bartender who is very laid-back and doesn't care about rules. He will do whatever it takes to make money, even if it means serving drinks to underaged customers. Yanora is a very carefree member of the CrY family. He always attends parties to make some extra cash on selling drinks.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Zandra's Design

I've been working on Zandra's design a lot and figuring out her different costumes throughout the series.

I decided to revisit an old project that I've been working on, on-and-off. I now officially have more recent drawings of my six main characters' full costume changes, plus I'm moving on and making up some alternate costumes for some of my other characters in the process.

I originally designed Zandra's costumes back in 2012, but they were really rushed and underdeveloped, so I decided to redraw them all. And in the process, I completely redesigned the first half and even added an extra one.

I wanted to try out something new, so I did this little piece. Since I recently re-designed Zandra's costumes, I decided to draw her during her Tag World times. I played around with a lot of different brushes to create a worn paper texture.

Monday, January 25, 2016

P'ukpin & TMWTLT

These characters were designed awhile ago, just never fully colored and fleshed out.

-P'ukpin is an elderly Pinto who is not very trusting of strangers outside of the Pinto Nomad tribe. When Regent Pinpin puts all of his trust in Divroga's plans, P'ukpin is very wary and does not want to follow through with this idea. P'ukpin is very cautious overall, but he throws away his pride to ask The Nays for help when Divroga infiltrates the Pinto Nomad base.

TMotherWTLT is a wanted creature in PS World that often visits PS Chat in the form of a woman named Tifin. She kidnaps men from PS Chat and eats them when she gets brings them to her home. TMWTLT is TGWTLT's mother who has the powers to seduce others and trick them into liking her.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Monster Designs!

I tried something new last week, and made a bunch of little monster designs. I took my favorite one and painted it in Photoshop, and then vectorized it in Illustrator. This was a fun project that took a few days to complete.

And this includes the final painting as well as all of the sketch variations on this guy.

These were some of my favorites of the sketches.

And then ALL of the other sketches I did.

And I did some tests in Illustrator with different elements

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Floyd & Ferill

Some daily characters!

Floyd is a sly assassin who works for Seiken. He fights with a boomerang and uses poisonous needles to his advantage when he is in trouble. He is known as Floyd the Poison Master because of his secretive poison techniques. Floyd works for various clients, but Seiken is the one he most often reports to.

Ferill is a very grumpy bear who is one of Waga's Nays. He often yells at the others for being too childish, even if he looks like a child himself. Ferill is usually in a bad mood and hates being in Tag World for the most part.

Friday, January 22, 2016

What it Looks Like Inside of Gair's Mind

I've been wanting to draw environments of The Worlds more recently, since I haven't really done a whole lot of those. I've been focusing a lot on developing the characters, but the actual Worlds need some love and care too. So I'm starting off by figuring out what it looks like within all of The Nays' minds. And to start off with the protagonist: Gair! 

This is kind of a Lost Eventure, since I never really showed what happened when Rocko trained The Nays. But I imagine Gair would need to know his way around the inside of his mind (this rocky cave). So him and his imaginary friend (Drogo) are exploring and trying to figure things out.

I did a bunch of thumbnail sketches to figure out a composition that I wanted, to show the characters and the environment.

I decided to go with this thumbnail.

Then I laid down some tones and re-sketched things out.

And then I cleaned up the lines.

I put down some basic colors.

And then I started on adding in some of the shading.

I fixed up some of the shading and did some blurring of background elements.

And then I added the final effects.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Lumoosia & `d8DyD

Some older characters, just expanding on their designs a little more.

Lumoosia is a very stern member of the CrY family. She keeps to herself and doesn't really like talking to people. She is extremely introverted and hates going to parties. She really only attends when she's forced to.

`d8DyD is a stubborn glitched creature that is very competitive. He works together with The Family Who Talks Like This to seal off Compass World, in order to keep The Nays from going home. He is usually a trouble-maker who does not follow through with promises.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Pokemon of the Day Project Continued!

I decided to do a few more of that Pokemon of the Day project (it was a project I was doing before my daily characters). I'm obviously not going to keep up on this one, but I felt like drawing a few Pokemon, so I continued where I left off a few years ago.

138: Omanyte

137: Porygon