Friday, September 11, 2015

Old Characters Revisited

These ones are some older characters. Tosovo is only about three years old, but that still seems like awhile back. On the other hand, I made Chupo well over 10 years ago, so he had a bit of re-designing to go through.

Tosovo is the dangerous son of Divroga, who injected Ya genes into Tosovo. Tosovo is a very obedient child who does whatever his father asks of him, regardless of how outrageous it may sound. The Ya genes made him almost unbeatable. Divroga talks very highly of Tosovo, so he has a very big ego because of it.

Chupo is a very exotic bird-in-watching from the south. He has a very interesting choice of words, using words such as "feisty" or "fishy" to describe kids. He is very cheerful for the most part, but prefers things to be organized and orderly, or he will go berserk.

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