Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Different Characters

These characters were a little different than the usual characters, so they were kind of difficult to create for me.

Len is a dedicated man who is always working hard as a warehouse worker. Him and his twin brother Karse were stranded on Time Fabric Island after his tour group took an unexpected turn. He lives in the mountains and usually is the one to gather firewood for his friends, because of his experience at his previous job. He is generally very helpful and friendly towards strangers.

Jasper is a serious vampire that cries blood instead of tears. He can turn into a swarm of rats in battle. If attacked with weapons made of any blessed material, he will be incapacitated. He subsists on human flesh and blood. He feeds not through his mouth, but via a long tongue with a mouth-like end. (Description from Seventh Sanctum)

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