Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Blue Creatures!

These past two daily characters just so happened to be blue creatures.

Gozo is the organized manager of the Gozo Burger; Biggert City's best burgers. His burger shop is very popular and always the go-to hangout for the citizens after school. He is always very busy, but luckily all of his family members work alongside him, especially when the shop is super packed. He often likes to stick to the rules and doesn't really give out discounts or coupons ever.

Towsh is Mr Dude's partner who possesses a hammer that has the ability to teleport. Before Mr Dude became a World Leader and learned how to teleport, Towsh was in charge of teleporting him and everyone else to various places. Towsh's job has been taken since Mr Dude learned to teleport, but he now just acts as a good friend to Mr Dude. He is a very friendly little creature.

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